Palm Beach Outlets is ready for its first Black Friday

Palm Beach Outlets prepares for its first Black Friday.

(WPTV - West Palm Beach - November 26, 2014)

Pam Rada, marketing director for the outlets, says the mall is ready with extra staff and extra merchandise for the popular shopping “holiday.” “We’re excited to see what the trend is going to be and we’re excited to see what happens,” Rada says.

All of the stores will open at midnight on Friday. Some are actually opening earlier, on  Thanksgiving day, to give shoppers a head start. If you’d like to check out the deals before you head to the mall, you can see them on the mall’s website. “A lot of the sales will be listed on there ahead of time, so plan before you come,” Rada says.

Allen Friedman is the manager at Fragrance Outlet. He’s worked at other stores during Black Friday, and knows it can be stressful for shoppers. “From the moment that you start parking your car, just take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. All the shops are open so there’s no need to rush,” Friedman says.

Filo Laplante came to the outlets early to scope out the stores. “There’s a lot of good bargains to find here,” she says.

Laplante is spending the next several months in Florida, from Montreal, and says she always shops on Black Friday when she’s visiting. “Everything that will be on sale will interest me,” she says.

Tameika Jackson also plans on shopping on Black Friday. “It’s pretty fun. It’s pretty exciting. It’s something fun to do after Thanksgiving,” Jackson says. She came to the outlets from Vero Beach on Tuesday to check out what the stores have to offer ahead of Black Friday. “If you have an idea and a plan of what it is that you’re looking for , then you’re a little more organized than the other shoppers,” Jackson says.

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