CambridgeSide is Being Reimagined

Find Out What's In Store

Cambridge Chronicle, October 7, 2020

The vibrant East Cambridge neighborhood has long been a center for just about everything residents and visitors enjoy, as well as what they need to thrive in the city. With some of the best learning institutions and entrepreneurial think tanks, as well as employment opportunities within walking distance of residences, shopping, dining and more, locals can live, work and play without traveling far. Visitors and residents alike have enjoyed East Cambridge waterside and historical sites for centuries, all within reach of nearby museums and Boston’s best attractions.

Now, there is a new mixed-use vision for East Cambridge which continues that tradition in an innovative, modern way. New England Development is paving the way for CambridgeSide to become a vibrant center for work, living and play while offering all of the great shopping and attractions that locals and visitors love.

Here are four things to know about the new CambridgeSide.

1. It’s a vibrant shopping hub

Stroll along the Charles, taking in the sights and sounds, then stop into your favorite shop for some retail therapy during your lunch break. You’ll find 80 shops and restaurants, including Apple, Sephora, H&M, T.J. Maxx and Victoria’s Secret, and a diverse mix of cuisine. Enjoy a brew in Massachusetts’ first World of Beer, or bring the whole family for dinner at the popular restaurant The Cheesecake Factory, in addition to over 14 other eateries.

The center is surrounded by residences, office space and places for families to bike, picnic and play. Shop for clothing, gifts and more, then enjoy the beautiful Canal Park and Charles River. Stop into the food court, grab a quick bite or take your treats outside to watch the boats drift by.

2. It provides a space for entrepreneurs and creators

Cambridge is a hub for labs, academic and medical institutions and cultural centers as well. Think tanks at nearby colleges and universities have produced many cutting-edge businesses eager to occupy their own space nearby. CambridgeSide offers innovative entrepreneurs and companies a place in which to thrive. CambridgeSide’s Level 3 has already been transformed into office space, which will be the first of office and lab opportunities being added.

In the future, you will also find community meeting spaces able to accommodate up to 40 people at no charge to residents, community groups and small businesses. Commercial uses for as much as 400,000 new square feet at CambridgeSide include office, laboratory, retail and dining, providing jobs for people who live right in the community.

CambridgeSide offers innovative entrepreneurs and companies a place in which to thrive. CambridgeSide’s Level 3 has transformed to office space, which will be the first of office and lab opportunities being added.

3. It’s a center for gathering

The open spaces all around CambridgeSide will be enhanced and expanded for everyone’s enjoyment, making them an important gathering place for people of all backgrounds to come together in the community. As part of the new design, First Street will be transformed into a re-energized hub, connecting East Cambridge neighborhoods to CambridgeSide and Canal Park. The area will be opened up for locals and visitors — whether they’re shopping, dining, commuting to work, looking for something fun to do or relaxing in the neighborhood with friends.

Upgrades to beautiful Canal Park will include artfully designed landscaping and hardscape structures, designed for aesthetic effect but for comfort and function as well. Lighting upgrades to outdoor spaces in Canal Park make it enjoyable, day and night. Residents and visitors will enjoy exciting arts and culture programming in the public spaces in and around CambridgeSide and Canal Park, the perfect occasion and space for community engagement. Cool off on a hot day, take a break from the office and engage with local retailers, artists, entrepreneurs and neighbors.

4. There are new ways to live

One part of the CambridgeSide 2.0 reinvention is providing residential spaces. There will be a wide range of housing options in many price points and sizes to fit the needs of singles, couples and families alike. You will find affordable units, as well as units for middle-income families, including a commitment of 65% of space going to those two affordable housing categories. More than 20 three-bedroom residential units will be in that affordable housing category, making CambridgeSide the perfect place to raise your family.

Learn more about what’s in store for CambridgeSide 2.0, including space renovations and opportunities for office and residential. The vision, goals and plans offer an exciting new way to live, work, shop and play in Cambridge.

Find CambridgeSide at 100 CambridgeSide Place in Cambridge. CambridgeSide’s mix of retailers includes Apple, H&M, Superdry, Sephora, Macy’s, Best Buy, T.J. Maxx and more. The diverse mix of restaurants boasts Massachusetts’ first World of Beer and The Cheesecake Factory, in addition to over 15 other eateries. CambridgeSide is handicapped and MBTA accessible (Green Line T to Lechmere Station or Red Line T to Kendall Square to the free CambridgeSide Shuttle Bus), and offers attached, covered parking. For directions and information, call 617-621-8666 or visit CambridgeSide is a New England Development shopping destination.